All about Polly

“And Miss Carter Wore Pink”

“Smelling Crepe de Chine is like meeting a beautiful, funny woman with a Ph.D in linguistics who also happens to speak seven languages, knows how to cook, has a way with children and small animals, composes haunting tunes on the guitar, and smiles at everyone.”

This is part of a review of vintage Crêpe de Chine, a perfume created by Millot in 1925. It was written by Barbara Herman over at Yesterday’s Perfume. Well, I only speak a couple of languages and I am a rubbish musician. And I don’t have (or wish to have) a way with children and small animals. On the other hand, a friend once told me that I am beautiful in every way that matters and I do have a PhD in linguistics.  I am mostly passionate about avoiding people who exercise their right to be boring about food.

This blog is a pretext to explore writing (usually creative non-fiction) in a non-academic style. It is a huge effort, but other than the occasional link, I do not provide evidence and references. I like to make up things so even though I write mostly non-fiction, I don’t worry about teensy weensy improvements to the truth even if they are largish. I also like messing with words and sentences so you may see things like tinkly broke. 

Umm. There is a reason for the name Polly Fragrant. It may become apparent.

And Miss Carter Wore Pink (scenes from an Edwardian childhood)  is a wonderful collection of naive illustrations by Helen Bradley. Check it out sometime.




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